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The Uncertain-T
Minschier Gilmore
gilmorelion wrote in classicautofurs
What do you do when someone tells you your idea for a custom-built hot-rod can't be done?? You prove them wrong and build it, of course! That's exactly what a guy named Steve Scott did back in 1967. The result was the "Uncertain T"

Wild, huh?
Scott originally built this little bomb to actually drive, (and yes, it not only ran and drove, but clipped off an 11-second quarter with ease), but the car proved so wildly popular that he spent most of his time showing it all across the country. Monogram Models made a best-selling kit of the car too!

The Uncertain-T was given a make-over around 1970, with lime-gold paint and super-wide Indy-car type rear wheels and tires, but it disappeared shortly thereafter, and hasn't been seen since. Sadly, no one seems to know where it is now.

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More than likely, it is sitting in someone's old barn waiting to be found again like Excaliber.

We can only hope! It'd be nice to see it again!

That's an interesting looking engine there. I'm guessing it's an old Buick, what was called a "nailhead". I haven't seen one in a long long time so I could be totally wrong.
OK, here's what Google gave me:

Not just one, not just two, but four Buick engines in a dragster!

Yep! It's a Buick 401 "Nailhead". The dragster is "TV" Tommy Ivo's "Showboat", which coincidentally Revell also made a model kit of! (I have a beautiful diecast model of that car) Prior to the Showboat, Tommy built a twin-Buick dragster. (it's in the Garlit's museum) I'm not sure who owns the Showboat now, (it has a Buick station-wagon body on it), but there's a perfect replica on display at the Petersen Museum.

Good eye!

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