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Drag Racing in the Golden Age
Minschier Gilmore
gilmorelion wrote in classicautofurs
If you've ever wondered how Top Fuel racing used to be done "back in the day", this movie from 1971 has it down perfect.

This is from the film "Drag Racer", from 1971. The movie is a typical youth-culture film of the time, in that it's a bit soap-opera-ish, but the racing footage is dead-accurate, and the tech-details are too. The segment posted here is worth it just for the push-start sequence alone.

And unlike today's car movies, the sounds you hear are actually the same 392 Chrysler you see on the screen, in real time.

Check it out.

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Yep, remember all that. It was a great clip.

(Deleted comment)
Isn't it the greatest?? While I still love drag racing, it's never been as neat as it was then. As to the film, you can actually buy it from the company that made it! (I just ordered one for myself!)

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